Philippe Anes | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Microservices 2018
from Monday 29 October to Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Philippe Anes
Philippe Anes
From Kyriba

Philippe Anes is a Senior Software Engineer at Kyriba, a SaaS company leader in treasury management. Currently working on a team focused on design and finding a way to move to microservices. Worked in the fintech world for more than 10 years with the same mindset, constantly think how to improve software and keep things simple even if they’re not. Sailing on the route to microservices Philippe faced a lot of challenging issues and all these experiences helped him to better understand it.

Route to microservices : the epic voyage of a fintech leader


This talk is about an expedition, we’ll tell you about the adventure in the seas of Kyriba’s product. Kyriba is a fintech founded 18 years ago and which became a global leader in cloud treasury solutions.

We’ll tell how Kyriba’s product started as a small boat - built to reach customers in shore nearby - had evolved to a big ship sailing the seas to deliver full business SaaS solutions. Building such a big ship and sailing the seas in the early days of the Cloud looks more like an expedition than a cruise... and the time has come to transform the monolithic big ship in a fleet of micro-services vessels….

… Well, the talk is not actually about sailing but we’ll look at some challenges we have experienced to split up our monolith and what choices we have made to go into microservices.

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