BBU-7024 Spring Cloud Microservices with JHipster | Voxxed Days

Spring Cloud Microservices with JHipster


Microservice Architecture

JHipster is a very popular Spring Boot + Angular/React application generator.

Many companies also use JHipster to generate complete microservices architectures, including gateways, registries, monitoring, distributed caching and security.

During this workshop we will develop several microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, connect them using a discovery service (Netflix Eureka or Consul), configure them using Spring Cloud Config, secure them with JWT or OAuth2 (Keycloak), and expose them with an API gateway. We will then scale the architecture and test its resilience with Docker.

This workshop will be lead by Julien Dubois (creator of JHipster), Pierre Besson and Pascal Grimaud (both JHipster core team members). Together, they have coded a big part of JHipster's microservices support, and have successfully used it in production for several clients.

Julien Dubois Julien Dubois

Creator and lead developer of JHipster and Chief Innovation Officer at Ippon Technologies

Pascal Grimaud Pascal Grimaud

Java Consultant

Pierre Besson Pierre Besson

Java developer at Ippon Technologies in Paris, I contribute to JHipster since 2016. My contribution to the project have focused on integrating the Spring Cloud stack, docker support, monitoring and more recently Kubernetes and other deployment options.