SOX-3567 Microservices Lessons Learned | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Microservices 2018
from Monday 29 October to Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Microservices Lessons Learned


Real Stories Feedback
Beginner & novice level
Apollo Tuesday from 11:15 til 12:00

The journey from monolith to microservices is different for every organization. A variety of challenges come with introducing microservices itself, but also organizational circumstances impacting the transformation that needed to be considered.

In this talk I would like to share some microservices lessons learned from a startup perspective - and in hindsight, what to watch out for if starting the journey again.

Event-Driven Microservices   Apache Kafka Streams   start-up  
Susanne Kaiser
Susanne Kaiser

Susanne works as an independent Tech Consultant and was previously working as a startup CTO transforming their SaaS solution from monolith to microservices. She has a background in computer sciences and experience in software development for more than 15 years and regularly presents at international tech conferences.